All catalog items are available with “smooth” BICADesign finish, or similar-rattan (hence the B:Rattan brand), with waterproof and UV treatment, to protect it from fading or yellowing caused by the sun. In addition, they are free of any screw or bolt: the various components are assembled through solid joints thus avoiding oxidation- or rust-related problems. You can find below a selection of representative images of our articles; to view the entire collection of BICA products you can browse our catalogues on the dedicated page.

Polypropylene Lounge Sets

The BICA garden seating sets, identifiable in lines B:Design and B:Rattan, are made of recyclable polypropylene and can be described by two adjectives: elegant and solid.

Nevada and Texas seating sets of B:Design line are characterized by a “smooth” and sober finish, while Colorado, Nebraska and Alabama (B:Rattan line models) stand out for an extremely fascinating and refined weaving process.

Comfortable lounge sets with soft cushions are divided into 4 models and three colours: white, brown and anthracite. Ideal both in private context – gardens, terraces and verandas, as well as in contract – bars, cafes, hotels and much more.

Our lounge sets are divided into 4 models:

  • 4 seater lounge sets;
  • 5 seater lounge sets;
  • terrace lounge sets;
  • corner lounge sets.

Design, care for details and great durability are essential elements of BICA production, strictly made in Italy.

NB: Please note that, on request, our sofas have an extension kit to extend sitting according to your preferences.

4-seater lounge: composed of two armchairs, a 2-seater sofa and a coffee table

5-seater lounge: composed of two armchairs, a 3-seater sofa and a coffee table

Terrace lounge: composed of two armchairs and a coffee table

Corner lounge: composed of two sofa beds, a corner and a coffee table


Available in various models, BICA chairs, depending on the model, cover all possible indoor and outdoor solutions. All made of a single polypropylene blend, extremely robust, they provide great comfort and are never trivial.

The elegance of models VOLGA, RIGA and CROSS (B:Design), designed primarily for interior furnishings such as kitchens, offices, bars, cafes and restaurants, is contrasted with the ethnic patterns of INDIANA and VIRGINIA (B: Rattan) ethnic patterns, dedicated to refined and comfortable outdoor solutions.

MARYLAND and PANAMA, two gorgeous and original low chairs designed for comfort and relaxation, ideal for beach bars, pools, terraces, trendy bars, etc.

Finally, the most classic and traditional ATLANTA and PASADENA conclude the range. Two great chairs designed to furnish with elegance and practicality outdoor spaces such as pools, water parks, bars, cafes, gardens, outdoor events and much more.


Elegant and robust, BICA tables are made of polypropylene. Designed to meet both contract and the retail market, they are characterized by care to details, great design and wide range of uses. In fact, in addition to the classic outdoor use, BICA tables can find the right place in indoor areas such as restaurants, bars, cafes, and more.

DALLAS, HOUSTON and ORLANDO models are part of B:Rattan line and have a braided finish while the OSLO table is part of B:Design line and has a smooth finish.

Outdoor Sun Loungers & Garden Sunbeds

Extremely comfortable, stylish and durable, BICA sun loungers are designed to last over time. Designed to meet the practical and aesthetic needs required by professional facilities such as hotels, swimming pools, parks and resorts, where they have to withstand intensive and continuous use, the key word to describe them is this: robustness. However, thanks to their accurate design they are ideal even in the private areas.

NILO and MIAMI models have B:Rattan braided finish, while the ZANZIBAR model has a smooth, slatted finish. All models have wheels and a backrest adjustable in 5 different positions.

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