Our service is reserved for dealers and wholesalers. To let us know about your business, fill in the form with your company data.

Once we defined a collaboration relationship you will receive our price lists (the price lists have two variants, see below paragraph “minimum order”) and the access credentials to the platform reserved for you. In our web platform you will also be able to generate your personalized quote, with quantity, colour and desired items. (the quotation does not include transport costs, see “shipments” below). Our headquarters staff will receive your quotation and will check the immediate availability of various items selected or inform you the waiting time required for production and subsequent shipment.

It should be remembered that the price lists are developed for supply exclusively to complete pallets, we also remind you that mixed colours can not be inserted in the same pallet.

We would also like to point out that, at your request and for considerable quantities, our company is able to produce B:Rattan and B:Design items in custom colours of your choice (see below):

  • Terrace Set, 4/5 Seater Set and lounges Corner: minimum number 500 items.
  • Tables and chairs: minimum number 1000 items.
  • Note: for Terrace Set, 4/5 Seater Set and lounges Corner it is also possible to order the cushions in the colours of your choice, but in this case an additional cost will be applied which will be calculated according to the quantity of the order.

Minimum order and payment

The minimum order is a complete container (only in exceptional cases we can evaluate alternative solutions).

With the aim of establishing an effective, lasting and transparent collaboration relationship, our company offers you the possibility (if requested) to make a first order of mixed items and colours. In this way, after viewing our products and receiving the actual request of the various models and colors in your market, you can focus on your future orders.

Important: each order, when confirmed by you, must be paid in advance (including transport costs if contemplated) before leaving the factory.


All BICA items leave from our factories in Candiana, Pontelongo or Correzzola, all in the province of Padua, Italy.

Shipping with trucks

We offer two solutions to all our customers:

  • Shipping to your destination organized by us with the cost of transportation calculated on the basis of volume and weight. Shipping fee must be added to your quote and paid before departure. Note: any additional customs fees are to be considered at your expense.
  • Withdrawal of goods at our factories by your preferential courier “Ex warehouse/At Warehouse”. In this case, it will be sufficient to inform us in advance to let us prepare the goods to load, communicating the day of arrival of the truck, the name of the company of trucking and plate number of the vehicle.

Shipping by sea

If the material has to be shipped by sea, we want to remember that our company will provide the quote with FOB price. However, on your request, if you do not have a shipping company, we can provide the complete estimate of costs of transportation to the final destination with CFR tariff “Incoterms 2000”, through ours shipping company, both “groupage” and even “full container”.

In this case, it should be emphasized that the items purchased will arrive to you in the seaport nearest to your company in “Port assigned / Ex Works” and that any additional customs fees must be considered at your expense. It should be noted that the organization of transport to your final destination must be your responsibility.

For any further information please contact us by e-mail at info@bicafurniture.com

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